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What we offer

  • Advice on the nature of the problem
  • Complete diagnosis of the issue
  • Report on data availability
  • A managed repair and recovery service
  • Confidential service
  • Experienced Engineers

Data Recovery Centre

We are a south Wales based IT company with a dedicated recovery team who use specialist data recovery equipment and their expert knowledge to restore lost data, pictures & videos from mobile phones, personal computers, laptops, hand-held devices, tablets, androids, satellite navigation systems, photo memory cards from cameras and even Xbox & PS4 game stations.

The head of the team is an ex-forensic police officer with 20 years service who still does work for police forces, as well as solicitors & lawyer work for court cases and for private individuals.

If you live in Kirklees or anywhere else in the UK, you pay to send us the phone that needs to be recovered, we'll do the data recovery and then we pay to send it back.

Mobile phone

We are able to retrieve & recover lost data, numbers, texts, photos & videos from mobiles by downloading what is currently in the phones memory and restoring it. This service is available to companies & the general public in the Kirklees area. We can restore what is there and if needed, even print it all out. If you have lost something, then we have experts who provide a discreet service to recover what's there for you.

We can recover information off all makes of mobile phones: If you have one that's not in the list, then call us!

Mobile Phone Chip-Off

Chip-off is an advanced digital data extraction technique which involves physically removing the memory chip from the mobile and then extracting the raw data using specialised equipment, this enable us to get a complete history of the phone. This can even be done on phones that have suffered catastrophic damage.

How is a Chip-Off done?
  • the memory chip is physically removed from the mobile phone.
  • the chip is cleaned up.
  • the raw data is extracted from the chip.
  • the raw extraction data is then analysed using industry standard forensic tools and custom utilities.
Most customers will not need the "chip-off" service for their data recovery.

Computers ~ PC, Laptop & Server recovery

Have you lost something important from your computer?
  • a family photograph album
  • an important Word document
  • graphic design images
  • an Excel spreadsheet
  • holiday pictures
  • an important piece of work
  • your favourite music album or soundtrack
  • wedding or christening video clip
Then our Data Recovery team in conjunction with our IT department are experts in data recovery for all situations and causes. They could be:
  • viruses
  • spyware
  • natural disasters
  • accidental deletion
  • system crashes
  • corruption
  • hardware failure
We can recover your lost data from:
  • hard disk drive (HDD)
  • external hard drive
  • RAID systems
  • desktop
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • mobile players
  • androids
  • server storage
  • database
And even from Multi Media devices
  • iPods
  • Computer Games Consoles
  • digital camera media
  • CD and DVD media
  • MP3
  • JAZ
  • flash cards
  • USB memory stick
  • SD / SDHC cards

Sat Nav & Dash Cam data retrieval

We have forensic technology to extract geographical location and GPS data from satelitle navigation systemns for forensic analysis. This data can used in cases involving fraudulent insurance claims, Cash for Crash fraud, illegal expense claims or even evidence against a spouse in a divorce case. We can also retrieve information from a vehicles Dashboard Camera, the pictures, GPS information and actual driving footage.

We can extract the following data from a sat nav unit:
  • favourite locations
  • track logs
  • journey details including time, location & distance travelled
  • deleted data
  • Bluetooth
  • mobile phone details
We can recover the information from all types of Sat Navs including:
  • TomTom
  • Garmin
  • NMEA
  • Navigon
  • Navman
  • Snooper
  • Mio
  • Medion
  • Android Phone or Tablet internal data recovery
If somebody has been driving you're car around then we can tell you where they went. We have also started retrieving information from popular Dash Cams, including:
  • Transcend DrivePro
  • HP F210
  • Shadow GT680W
  • RoadHawk HD
  • GS6000 A7 / Samoon 3H2F
  • Mini Ambarella
  • BlackVue Dual Channel
  • Mobius Action Camera
  • Itronics Smart Plus
  • Hetai
  • Lukas

Forensic data recovery

We have specialist forensic tools & software that provide a high standard of data recovery across many fields that can be used by the National Crime Agency (NCA), in a court of law or en employment tribunal.

With our extensive knowledge of the legal system we can prepare section 9 MG11 Statements and will present this at court as an expert witness if needed.

We are able to recover:
  • Personal identification number (PIN)
  • handset SIM history
  • deleted texts
  • contact list
  • call history
  • internet browser history
  • voice recordings
  • photographs & videos
We follow strict quality assurance guidelines (we are currently working towards ISO:9001 AND ISO;17025). We provide these services to all profession's as well as private individuals. The information we recover will be able to be used as evidence at court cases in Kirklees.

Criminal defence, litigation, domestic disputes or family law

With the use of digital media increasing daily, the use of digital forensics is becoming paramount in an increasing number of both high and low profile cases. A-Star Forensics are trusted experts to legal practices throughout the UK, and can assist with your Digital Forensics requirements, providing thorough analysis of digital media in order to produce legal evidence of a crime/unauthorised action.

How can A-Star Forensics help?

A-Star Forensics work with Criminal Defence solicitors daily, examining a number of different digital media including mobile phones, tablets, satellite navigation systems, cameras, call data records and more. For legally aided cases, our fees are widely accepted and in line with LSC rates. Our case proposal document provides you with all of the details required to support any application for Prior Authority, including a full breakdown of costs.

With many years' experience in Digital Forensic Investigation, we can assist in a variety of cases, including:
  • theft & Fraud
  • sexual Offences
  • assault
  • murder
  • drug Related Offences
  • indecent Images (IIOC)
For each Full Forensic Analysis, we provide the following service:
  • secure transportation and collection of the exhibit(s)
  • adherence to Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines at all times
  • generated materials in electronic format, or paper where required
  • detailed and unbranded technical report presenting findings
  • generated MG11 s9 Witness Statements
A-Star Forensics produce clear and concise reports with every full forensic analysis, to assist in any court proceedings. With the vast level of experience of our analysts, A-Star Forensics can ensure full support in court, as fully qualified expert witnesses providing both evidence of opinion as well as evidence of fact.

Why choose A-Star Forensics?

  • years of experience working with Criminal Defence Solicitors
  • rates widely accepted by the Legal Services Commission (LSC)
  • proposals give a clear definition and breakdown of work and costs
  • secure, centrally located Digital Forensics facility
If you would like to discuss how A-Star Forensics can support you, please contact the team today on +44 (0)1639 544 998 or via this » form.

Cost of recovering lost data

Single Disk Pricing*
  • Desktop 3.5 IDE / SATA / External Drives ~ from £250
  • Laptop 2.5 IDE / SATA / External Drives ~ from £250
  • SAS / SCSI ~ please call
  • Micro Sata, ZIF and micro ZIF ~ from £250
  • Flash Data Recovery ~ from £150
  • Any thing More than 4 TB ~ please call
Raid Recovery Pricing*
  • Raid 1 + 0 ~ from £500
  • All other Raid ~ from £1000
Mobile phone*
  • Data recovery ~ from £120
  • Chip-off ~ from £350
Timescales - how quickly is it needed?
  • Standard ~ up to 21 days
  • Express ~ up to 7 days
  • Urgent ~ 48 hours
* the prices listed are a guide based on our past experiences and they may well vary depending on the scale, complexity & timescale of the data recovery requirements.

N.B. a minimum cost of £75 will be charged if data is recovered but the client no longer requires it. All prices are based on a 21 day turnaround time, faster timescales are available please contact for prices.

Data Recovery specialists covering Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England, UK

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